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In addition to being a professional writer, I also write fan fiction based on Xena: Warrior Princess. A frivolous hobby? Who knows. (The medieval writer Giovanni Bocaccio wrote long epic poems which he considered his serious vocation, and scribbled bawdy stories for a frivolous hobby; today, the poems are long forgotten but the stories survive as The Decameron.) Some day, I may move on to original fiction. For now, fan fiction is an enjoyable and fulfilling creative outlet.

I first decided I wanted to be a writer when I was six or seven years old -- around the same time that I developed a fascination with ancient Greek and Roman history and mythology. In my teen years, I spent a lot of time writing stories and plays, many of them set in Graeco-Roman antiquity.

As an adult, I ended up becoming a non-fiction writer and journalist. I never expected to go back to writing fiction -- until, in my late thirties, I discovered the Xena: Warrior Princess fandom and fan fiction.

I had watched Xena sporadically since the first season; in Season 6, after catching up with some storylines I had missed, I truly fell in love with the show. In March 2001, at the now-defunct Xena Netforum at Studios USA, I posted a very half-baked idea for what I would have liked to see as the series finale, and some of my fellow fans encouraged me to develop it into a story. I did write it and get it posted to a couple of fan fiction sites, using my Netforum handle, LadyKate, as my pen name. And so LadyKate, Xenaverse bard, was born. Later on, I also began to make digital artwork based on Xena and some other sources, such as my favorite Hitchcock films.

These stories probably won't be of much interest to you unless you have some familiarity with Xena -- though I've heard from readers who were not Xena fans and enjoyed them anyway. If you want to give them a try, by all means do! If you want to learn a little about the show, check out some of the sites linked on this page. Have fun! I know I do.

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